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Updated: Wednesday, September 22 —

    Town Hall: Sunday, September 26 beginning at 12:30 pm    ...for more information.   

Important Announcements

Mask Mandate Reminder:
In line with policies, we are mandating mask use on church grounds, both inside and outside. If a small group is together and covenants to hear from all parties and feels comfortable to remove masks, you may do so. Without covenantal discussion and consent, masks should be worn over your nose and mouth for everyone over age 2 who is on church property. This includes RE, small groups, choir, etc. Please help keep your neighbors safe. This policy will be revisited often, and may change. Please look to newsletters or ask Board members for updates.

Grid of UUsMA Response to Levels of COVID Risk:
At the Re-Opening Task Force meeting, a grid that specifies our protocols for different levels of COVID risk was developed and finalized. Click here to see the document with what our guidelines are about masking, the choir singing, food at Social Hour, where we can gather, social distancing, etc. Final decisions about the risk level at any moment will be the responsibility of the Moderator, Assistant Moderator, and Minister, in consultation with the Board. The risk level could go up, even jump several levels, at any time (corresponding to a greater risk), but if it goes down, we would expect to only drop 1 level at a time, and to try two weeks on each level before shifting again. The guidelines suggest that we are at Level 3 (Medium Risk) at the moment.

Services are available on Live Stream. Just click the button with the blue arrow on our homepage at 11:00 on Sunday morning to watch and listen.

  • We'll live stream the service via the usual method, as well as Zoom and Facebook Live on Sunday.
  • I'm available to meet in person on 1-1 basis, unless I have confirmed contact with COVID, but I'm actively monitoring my email and voicemail and happy to chat however you feel comfortable.
  • We'll get through this together. Wash your hands, and stay home as much as possible!
Thank you!
The Reverend McKinley L. Sims, M.Div.
Minister (he/him)


Upcoming Worship Services

The services below, as well as ones you wish
to re-watch, are available HERE.

September 26 - Ingathering and Water Communion
We will have space in the sanctuary for 25 people, and space in Fellowship Hall for 25 people. Folks will be able to attend in-person or online. Masks and/or vaccinations will be required to be on church property. Water communion will happen outside after the service, and be available to drive by, so bring a small vial of water with you to contribute to the bowl that symbolizes our whole community. Masks will be required.

Direct any questions about protocols and procedures to the Board or McKinley.

NOTE: All services will use our normal
Zoom link for Sunday worship.

From Our Minister

WOWZERS! What a week!
For those who didn't see the messages last week, or weren't on Zoom this past Sunday, KP and I have had a roller coaster ride over the past 7 days. Last Thursday evening, KP started to feel funny, and we stopped eating cereal to check her temperature and call the doctor when the "weirdness" didn't stop.....less than 12 hours later, we had a bouncing baby boy join us in this wild and wonderful world! All of a sudden, we were parents, and because baby Gryffin Evangelos was not expected until near October...we were a little unprepared.

But here we are, a week later, well taken care of by our families both biological and theological. Thanks to everyone who has taken the call to provide meals, gift cards, and emotional support. It means the world to us, and thanks to that support we're all doing fine. Little dude will make an appearance sometime after he gets all his vaccinations, and we'll be able to have a "welcome to the family" service for him. Until then, feel free to ask any questions about him to me, McKinley.

Our request is that you don't share any photos or information on social media. We are learning to navigate these waters slowly, and it takes a bunch of energy just to keep up with a feeding schedule and finding time to sleep. We haven't yet figured out how to integrate this new addition into the professional parts of our lives. Thanks for your understanding.

With that, everyone is happy and healthy, and we're looking forward to continuing to learn, grow, fail, make mistakes, try better, do better, heal, and learn and grow some more. This month's theme is "Embracing Possibility", and y'all... here we are!

May we all be open to the new possibilities of this school year, this congregational year, this new life, and all the new opportunities that come with each new day. What a privilege to be alive right now. We are very blessed by you all, and may we learn to be blessings to others.

Wishing all who fast today a meaningful time as we seek to connect, deepen, and become whole.

Rev. McKinley

Change for Change: September

IMMIGRANT ACTION RIGHTS DOYLESTOWN: This organization came together in March of 2017 in direct response to an ICE Raid in Bucks County, Pennsylvania that detained 4 residents. The volunteer led, bilingual organization community network works to report ICE enforcement operations and provide immediate support to individuals at risk of deportation. They work primarily with undocumented immigrants from Guatemala, Honduras, and Mexico, including recently arrived asylum seekers.

They have been recently recognized by the U.S. Department of Justice as a legal immigration services provider, a certification specifically for non-profits representing low-income immigrants.

The current initiatives of the Legislative Advocacy Committee are:

  • Citizenship For All
  • PA H.B. 279 which would restore the right to drive to all PA residents regardless of immigration status and ensure data privacy for all licensed drivers. The full scope of services may be found at: https://immigrantrightsaction.org
I got to know them through the Bucks County Antiracist Coalition and by helping them raise money for their Legal Defense and Uber Travel Funds. It was a wonderful day of bagging and distributing very tasty tamales!

Please let me know if you have any questions or would like to attend their in person or virtual monthly meetings.
— Mary L

Linking to the Worship Service

Reminder that there are two ways to watch worship:

Click the blue "Live Streaming" arrow on the homepage of this website: www.uurestoration.us

The Zoom link that will be opened after the service has been changed because security protocols on their end. Look at the email from Desi for the new link and the new password.

Need help with Zoom?
Here's an old tutorial video: https://youtu.be/QKgQHtc7REc

Here's helpful tips:
Here's more helpful info: https://zoom.us/resources
Need more: Email McKinley.

Administrative Office Hours

Wednesday: 11:00 am - 7:00 pm
Thursday: 11:00 am - 7:00 pm
Friday: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm

Email the Office
or phone 215-247-2561.

If you need to reach Desi
you can call or text her on her
cell at 267-595-3250 - 24/7.

Minister's Office Hours

Rev. McKinley will be on
vacation the month of July.

Tuesday, Wednesday and
Thursday by Appointment

Email the Minister
or phone 806-786-9733.

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Sunday, September 26 at 12:30pm —

Town Hall Meeting: Part 1 - Music Director Search Update

Sadly (for us), Jane H is planning to leave her job as Music Director in December. Words cannot express our gratitude for all that Jane has brought to this congregation. Our congregational procedures suggest that the Search Committee for a new Music Director should be chosen by our Moderator, which will under our present circumstances be interpreted to mean Bruce and Fern. The Search Committee will be responsible for hiring an Interim Music Director for the second half of this church year (January - June, 2022), as well as a permanent Music Director for the new church year, probably starting in July, August, or September of 2022. We have a Job Description and a description of the tasks and time spent on them from Jane. The Board has talked with Jane about what she recommends for the new Music Director, and the Board has also shared their own thoughts about the person we are looking for. On Sunday, September 26, at the Town Hall Meeting which will start at 12:30pm, please let us know your own thoughts and feelings, whatever they may be. If you can't be there, please email or communicate with Fern, or with Bruce PJ by email or at 215-688-8747.

Town Hall Meeting:Part 2 - Congregation Tagline: Update

When our 8th Principle Team checked in with our members of color about the name change and tagline process, an idea came up that a lot of members of the Team like very much. The slightly updated new suggested tagline is "A spiritually diverse community open to everyone and committed to justice". This is the same tagline that we pretty much had a consensus about, but adds the word "diverse" in an intriguing way that helps explain why we decided to change our name in the first place. We'd love to hear what you think about this small adjustment. On Sunday, September 26, at the Town Hall Meeting which will start at 12:30pm, please let us know your thoughts and feelings, whatever they may be. If you can't be there, please email Bruce PJ or phone 215-688-8747.

Sunday, October 24 at 3:00pm —

Book Discussion: Valarie Kaur's
See No Stranger..., Part I

We will be discussing the book See No Stranger: A Manifesto of Revolutionary Love, by Valarie Kaur (One World, 2020) on Sunday, October 24, at 3:00pm. We will discuss Part I, the first 3 chapters. If you would like a copy of the book, contact Fern C. If you have any other questions, or would like to see supplementary resources related to the book, contact Fern, Mary L, or Sharon F!

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Who's our Moderator?? —

Who's our Moderator??

Bruce & Linda PJ are on sabbatical until December 15 in Italy. Right now they are both taking an intensive Italian language and culture course for 6 weeks that meets from 10am-4:30pm every weekday, and has significant homework. As you surely could guess, Linda is in the Advanced class (but is still learning a lot!), and Bruce is in the Intermediate class. Fellow students are from Chile, Argentina, Armenia, Spain, France, and the United States. The teachers are almost all excellent, and they have had great presentations from University of Genova professors who are musicians, actors, Dante experts, political scientists, economists, artists, historians, etc. We have also been able to attend free concerts of all genres, as well as lectures, and went on field trips to Portofino and Genova.

Bruce's sabbatical project for the semester is to help develop Villanova's University's Racial Justice Course (specifically, for undergraduates in the sciences, math, and statistics), which will be required of all Villanova undergrads in a couple of years, and to work on improving the courses he developed recently on Math & Fairness (mainly for first-year students and Peace & Justice majors) and Math & Social Justice (a research seminar for upper-level math & stat majors).

Linda is serving as a Subject Matter Expert involved with test development for the Certification Commission for Healthcare Interpreters. "But I thought we just elected Bruce as our Moderator for this year!" Yes, you did! Here's the idea. For the most part, Fern is continuing as Moderator through the beginning of January, but preferred to be officially Assistant Moderator for this year, and is basically serving as Acting Moderator while Bruce is on sabbatical. However, since Bruce's sabbatical is about racial and social justice, being involved with at least those parts of UUs of Mt. Airy's work is totally consistent with being on sabbatical. So he's not totally absenting himself, but Fern is picking up as much of other Moderator tasks as possible for now. In reality, they are really more of a Co-Moderator Team for this semester, and will move to what you actually voted on, with Bruce as Moderator and Fern as Assistant Moderator, in January. In addition, Cathy M is helping coordinate the 8th Principle Team, Mary L is helping coordinate the Justice Council, and Sharon F is helping coordinate the Valarie Kaur book discussions. If you don't get a response from Bruce, check with them! Thanks for listening, and please let us know if you have any questions, comments, or concerns!

See What's Happening —

Renovations are Underway!

Building & Grounds has been busy during COVID, overseeing the renovations of the first-floor Hale building bathroom to accommodate a wheelchair accessible shower and updating the kitchenette next to the lounge. The new shower unit is now in place and the drywall is being put up. The plumbers dug a 2½ foot ditch in the concrete floor to accommodate the new drain system.

The kitchenette walls have been painted, the existing cabinet refinished, and there are new outlets and lighting fixtures. New base and wall cabinets have been delivered as have a new microwave and stainless work table. These will be installed as soon as the sink plumbing can be upgraded.

B&G contracted to repair the walls of the front steps and replaced four sidewalk sections that were a tripping hazard. Not pictured, they are also repairing water damage behind the wall of the minister's office. Other improvements have been the upgrading of the sanctuary chandeliers to LEDs, improving the air filtration systems in the sanctuary and Fellowship Hall, and continuing to maintain the playground and garth.

Calling All Prospective Worship Associates!

Are you interested in helping lead worship? Want to read a poem or book excerpt every once in a while? Want to help plan music? Join the team! Commitment is a once a month meeting and helping with worship when you can! We'll have a worship team retreat towards the end of August/beginning of September to plan this year. Contact McKinley for more info!

Folk Factory News

Folk Factory is taking a sabbatical with Bruce & Linda PJ, through December.
We will start back up in January!

Can Sunday Book Sales Return?

BOOK LOVERS: As we look forward to having at least some people present for Sunday services, we want to know if anyone is interested in organizing "SUNDAY BOOK TABLE" offerings for coffee hour.

An actual book sale for the community is a very long term goal but having SUNDAY BOOK TABLE offerings may be a start...

Louise S

Ministerial Discretionary Fund

Any one who would like to donate to the emergency fund that goes towards our most vulnerable members can do so by sending in a check earmarked for "Min. Disc. Fund" or contacting McKinley directly to donate electronically. We have helped ease the strain of Covid-19 for some of our most directly impacted folks. Your donations go a long way, and offerings are always greatly appreciated.

Looking for the Latest Congregational Directory?

... directions to a friend's home, or your latest contribution statement?

Find all this by clicking the CONGREGATIONAL DIRECTORY button at the right, or on the Home page of this site. You can edit your own information from the ICON Home page or change your password on the Settings page.

If you attach a photo to an email and send it to either the Office or Jane Ha. we will be happy to add it to your profile.

Forgot your username or password?
Email the Office and request a new one.

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Every Thursday, 6 pm —

Join Us at Our Weekly Black Lives Matter Vigil every Thursday

Please join us to show our concerns about racism and white supremacy every Thursday. We line Stenton Avenue with our signs (and get tons of supportive honks) from 6-6:30pm, then join to meditate, light candles, and share from 6:30-7 pm; outside if weather permits. Bring a lawn chair and candles. Please join us, and encourage your friends, too!

Now that Philadelphia is officially "Yellow," we are able to have up to 25 vigil keepers in attendance. Since we are still not going inside the buildings you need to come prepared for that (no bathrooms)! We can fit about 8 folks under the portico in chairs or stools brought from home. So when we have

more than 8, some folks will need to sit out on the lawn, keeping the minimum of 6 feet distance, for the quieter, more prayerful portion of our hour together.

Bruce will be available with his laptop connected to ZOOM for folks at home who wish to connect with us at 6:30pm and we are still experimenting with how to get the speakers' voices amplified so everyone present can hear as well.

Dress for the weather as we hold the vigil rain or shine. So remember, wear your face mask, bring something to sit on and a sign. Fern brings a few back and forth for those who wish to borrow one.

A List of Ways to Connect and Exercise Spirit

Sunday Worship Services, 11am
Livestream from the Homepage (www.uurestoration.us)
or Facebook Live (www.facebook.com/UURestoration/)
Zoom link to see faces and add joys and sorrows. Use the link emailed to you from the office.

Thursday BLM Vigil: 6pm-7pm
Working on having a digital component for the candlelight half of the gathering

Thursday Choir, 7:15pm, via Zoom
Join to sing and hear music through the magic of technology. Contact Jane Hu. for more details.

Pastoral Care Check-ins
Need to talk about anything? Contact McKinley if you'd like to talk! Phone or zoom your choice!

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Purchasing Online?
Shop Using iGive.com

Calling all online shoppers! Give to Philadelphia Interfaith Hospitality Network (PIHN) through iGive.com! You can make financial donations to PIHN without spending an extra penny. Do your holiday online shopping through iGive.com. It's as easy as 1-2-3...
  1. Visit this link: http://www.igive.com/Qx51lcq. It will take you to the iGive homepage with Philadelphia Interfaith Hospitality Network selected as your cause. Here, you can register to be a PIHN supporter (it's easy and free).
  2. After you sign up, you'll get an email telling you to install the iGive button with instructions on how to do so. You can download this onto any computer or phone you use to shop online. The button will show up on the top of your internet browser window.
  3. Press the iGive button, and browse 1,300+ stores that participate and select one. You'll see what percentage of your purchase will go to PIHN. Your purchase/donation will automatically be registered with iGive. You'll receive an email confirmation after you visit your first store, just to make sure the donation tracking system is working.
Go for it. And thanks!

Another Way to Stay In Touch

If you use Facebook, please join the congregation's group page. You can learn more about what's going on in our community and you can post your own thoughts, poems, prayers... https://www.facebook.com/groups/39131276017/

Work Request Forms

If you are requesting work to be done, please complete the appropriate colored work request form located on the office door. Once your form is completed, place it in the bin labeled Administrative Assistant also hanging on the office door.

For those who do not frequently visit in person, you can send your request via email to the Administrative Office.

Pink - Request for Administrative Assistant
Yellow - Request for voucher check
Blue - Request for the custodian

Please Hang Up Your Coats

Do not leave your coats on the chairs in the Fellowship Hall or the pews in the Library. They take up valuable space that we need for seating during Coffee Hour. Please hang your coats on the rack in the hallway just outside the Fellowship Hall so that everyone can sit comfortably.

Staples Rewards
Us with $$$

Don't forget to give our telephone number (215-247-2561) when you make any personal purchase at a Staples store, by telephone or online. By doing so a credit will be posted to our Staples account for a percentage of the sale. These credits, known as Staples Business Rewards, really add up. We use them to offset the cost of our office supplies.

In addition, the Staples account will receive a Reward of $2.00 if you give the telephone number (215-247-2561) when you turn in your used printer cartridges (any kind or type) at Staples. You can also leave your old cartridges in the Duo Room where they will be picked up and turned in to Staples.

A Super Easy Way for
You to Help our Congregation

GoodSearch: You Search...We Give!What if our congregation earned a penny every time you searched the Internet? Or how about if a percentage of every purchase you made online went to support our cause? Well, now it can!

https://www.goodsearch.org/ is a search engine that donates half its advertising revenue, about a penny per search, to the charities its users designate. Use it just as you would any search engine, get quality search results from Yahoo, and watch the donations add up!

GoodShop.com is an online shopping mall which donates up to 37 percent of each purchase to your favorite cause - US! Hundreds of great stores including Amazon, Target, Gap, Best Buy, ebay, Macy's and Barnes & Noble have teamed up with GoodShop and every time you place an order, you'll be supporting Restoration.

Be sure to enter the "Unitarian Universalist Church of the Restoration" as the charity you want to support.

Hale Hall Doors

It is imperative that we remember that both front and back doors to Hale Hall remain locked at all times. This means even during meetings and Sunday services. Please do not let anyone into Hale Hall that you do not personally know is safe at any time. During services, all members, friends and congregants should come in the sanctuary door. Thank you for your cooperation.

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