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Become involved with a project that has caught your passion: whether it's Green Sanctuary, Gift-Based Ministry, as a worship associate, leading a covenant group, or something entirely different, your congregation needs your involvement in order to benefit from your unique talents and gifts!

Become a religious educator. Whether you are working with children, youth, young adults, or adults, this work can be deeply fulfilling and fun!

Offer to become a lay leader in your congregation. Talk to your nominating committee. If your congregationís in search for new professional leadership, think about whether you might contribute in new and exciting ways to that venture.

Witness your faith in the company of others, on behalf of your congregation. Seek out connections with other religious groups who share similar values. Help carry the message -- beyond your congregation -- that makes clear Unitarian Universalism's values and voice in this challenging world.

Become a delegate to your UUA District's meetings. You'll learn new skills, develop a sense of Unitarian Universalism that extends beyond your own congregation, and help nurture the vitality of our faith in your district.

Don't wait to be asked: contact your congregation's Nominating Committee and tell them you're willing to serve. They'll be glad to hear from you!

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Tax Cuts for Billionaires; Budget Cuts for the Rest of Us

The Trump/Ryan tax plan is not tax "reform," it's a TAX SCAM. It is massive tax cuts
for the wealthy and corporations that will be paid for by cutting
Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and education.

Americans for Tax Fairness has developed a 13-point list of why the House Tax Plan is terrible. Use these talking points to contact your Congressman and Senators to let them know that it is morally wrong to give tax breaks to the richest 1% by slashing Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and education from working families. UUs for Social Justice have developed webinar with a helpful set of slides explaining how the tax cuts will impact American families.

We have no time to waste. Congress plans to push through this "fake tax reform" before the end of 2017. A simpler and fairer tax system is something all Americans can support. But the House and Senate plans are a cynical attempt to disguise a huge giveaway to the 1% as genuine reform. They violate fundamental moral principles by giving more to the haves at the expense of the have-nots.

Polls show most Americans want the rich and big corporations to pay more in taxes, not less. They want stronger federal programs to help struggling ordinary Americans with education, healthcare, infrastructure, and housing. America cannot afford this fake reform!

Please make your call to Senator Toomey (202-224-4254) and Senator Casey (202-224-6324) now!

"Hi, my name is [your name] I'm a constituent from [zip code]. I am a Unitarian Universalist from (name of congregation and location). My faith guides me to challenge extreme economic inequity locally and globally as a moral imperative.

As Congress considers tax reform, I urge the Senator to speak up and actively support protections for the most vulnerable. Don't support tax cuts for the wealthy few and make everyone else pay for them. Cuts to healthcare and programs for middle-class and low-income people and families deepens the growing wealth divide and is bad for our country.


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