Unitarian Universalist Church of the Restoration
Posted Sunday, March 19

Sunday, April 23 at 3 pm —

You are Invited to the Ordination of Jo Green

Welcome! Please RSVP HERE
to let us know you can join us for this very special celebration. Since this was not a budget event, the Ordination Committee would like to invite you to donate to help cover expenses. (See the funding link or send a check to the church.*) There is also a potluck tab on the evite for anyone who would like to bring a dessert or appetizer for the reception.

[NOTE: 359 Johnson St in your GPS will take you to the parking lot behind the church; there is a sidewalk to the left of the main building. For handicapped parking, with access to the sanctuary, please use the 6511 Lincoln Drive address.]

For more information contact a member of the Ordination Committee:
UU Restoration:
, ,
UU Cherry Hill:
, ,

*For donation by check, please make payable to: Unitarian Universalist Church of the Restoration
Memo line: Jo Green Ordination Fund
Mail to: 6900 Stenton Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19150

NOTE: New Trial for Our Streaming Video

We have added a feature to our streaming video for Sunday morning worship services for a short trial basis. For the next few Sundays we will include an Order of Service as a PDF on the site. When you click on the Live Stream button to the right side of the page you will see a PDF tab. When you click that, it will bring up the Order of Service. You can follow along with the Order of Service, but you will need to click back and forth between the streaming video and the PDF. We would also love to receive your feedback after you have used this new feature and let us know if it is beneficial.

Thank you all who stream with us! Blessings on a wonderful new year ahead!
— Jo Green and Maria McCabe


Sunday services begin at 11 am in the sanctuary immediately followed by refreshments and conversation in our Fellowship Hall.
Both spaces are air conditioned in the summer for your comfort.

Restoration is Handicapped Accessible!

Restoration features a ramp to the main sanctuary level and a recently completed wheelchair lift and handicapped restroom on the lower level to make our Fellowship Hall more accessible to our congregants, visitors and renters. CHECK HERE for photos.


Recent sermons are available in VIDEO FORMAT and others are available as TEXT.

Upcoming Worship Services

March 26: Living with Illness
In this service, we will explore the spiritual and emotional challenges of living with illness, whether it is our own or the illness of someone we love.
Special music is provided by Len R. and Jim W.
— Maria McCabe in the pulpit with Stephen W.

Change for Change: March

In March, Change for Change will go to the Southern Poverty Law Center. The SPLC is the premier U.S. non-profit organization monitoring the activities of domestic hate groups and other extremists - including the Ku Klux Klan, the neo-Nazi movement, neo-Confederates, racist skinheads, black separatists, antigovernment militias, Christian Identity adherents and others.

We're currently tracking more than 1,600 extremist groups operating across the country. We publish investigative reports, train law enforcement officers and share key intelligence, and offer expert analysis to the media and public https://www.splcenter.org/

From our Minister —


Spring means new beginnings to me. Spring is a time of new shoots, new buds, tiny opportunities of growing into something more. When I get Spring Fever that’s part of the reason; a chance to take a small seed and grow it into a flowering blossom.

So this Spring what would you like to grow? Think about what seeds you have hibernating that you would love to nurture and feed and watch blossom. I personally want to see healing happen. I want to see relationships mended, new connections made, rapport and bonding happen between rivals, and links created towards common goals.

I recently watched a lovely video on YouTube sent to me from the Sierra Club. Here’s the link. You'll need to scroll down the page about half way.

The entire message held a few videos of unlikely animals bonding and becoming best friends. A dog and a cat snuggled together, a dairy calf and a pig scampered about playing, Koko the Gorilla had 2 kittens as best friends. They all delighted in each other, played together, and never hurt a hair on the other’s head. No harm ever came to any of the pairs that were supposed to be mortal enemies. A retired bricklayer in Brazil became best friends with a penguin he rescued that was covered in oil; the penguin stayed for a while and then left for the winter and always came back to greet him. When he called Dindim, the penguin came running. It was so heartwarming to see these pairs bond, these unlikely species who never get along would play together, nap together, enjoy life together. The one that struck me the most was a dog and a fox. And it struck me because the dog was a bluish grey and the fox was red. Blue and red enemies that loved each other. Need I say more?

Since the election in November relationships have become broken and sometimes irreparable. A cloud of anxiety seems to cover our country and feels as if it will stay like the

smog covering the Valley in Los Angeles where it has nowhere to go, nowhere to disperse. The divisiveness is lingering, hanging heavy over our heads, sometimes turning into anger or action or apathy. We all look at each other as if we are in a fog or in a confused state as to what to do next. I am seeing families split apart, have even experienced much divisiveness from a relative where I’m not sure our relationship has survived, but we’re thousands of miles away from each other to really know. It’s on the tips of everyone’s tongues, it’s on headline news, its talked about in offices, at restaurants, coffee houses, schools, senior centers and houses of worship. It’s seeping into every aspect of our lives and we are becoming frozen and immune to seeing what is happening around us.

So I watch these videos of interspecies communication and relationships and I take heart. I watch to see how they do it. A fox and a dog do not have a common language so how do they communicate? A dairy cow and a pig can’t communicate from what scientists know so how do they apparently laugh and play together? There’s a silent language that they have that would benefit human beings if we could get the hang of what they already know. It’s the simple language of love. They aren’t defensive with each other, they don’t attack each other, they simply love each other. And this joy is apparent in their love of one another and they see and appreciate how much they are the same, not at all how they are different. They don’t see a difference; they see joy and love.

So this Spring when the buds are coming out and the new leaves have their spring greenness, let’s look at how we can bloom love. Let’s look at how we can take a tiny bud of new growth and cultivate it, nurture it, and feed it with pure love. We need to rid ourselves of the hate, the animosity, the divisiveness that we have cultivated since the Autumn leaves were falling. It’s time.

— Jo Green
Consulting Minister
   posted: March 2, 2017

Lifespan Religious Education

As we enter the New Year, we invite you to spend a Sunday morning with our children and youth. Especially those of you who have all of the required clearances! Here are some opportunities to help our community grow, in collaboration with María McCabe, Jyl S. and Isabel R.

Please contact for more information, or to suggest another topic.


Our Sanctuary is lively and full on Sunday mornings,
a wonderful testimony to the energy of this community.

We want to welcome all who come to our worship services,
so please make space in our pews. Move to the front or the center
when you can. If you arriving a little late, consider coming in
through the Hale Hall door.

Thank you!!!

Office Hours

Jo's Office Hours

Jo's schedule has become more flexible and will not have set office hours. You will be able to set appointments at various times.

or phone 818-489-2055

Maria's Office Hours

Tuesday and Thursday: 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm
... and by appointment

Email or phone 610-517-2811

Church Office Hours

Wednesday: 11:00 am - 7:00 pm
Thursday: 11:00 am - 7:00 pm
Friday: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm

or phone 215-247-2561.

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Thursday, March 23 through April 27 —

Folk Factory News

People’s Choice Open Stage/Open Circle Thursday, March 23, April 27, at 7:30 pm

A low-pressure, supportive chance to perform in public or just enjoy good live music. The first hour and a half or so is the Open Stage, where performers sign up for slots and perform on stage with lights and a sound system. The audience gets to vote for their favorite performers (they can allocate 10 votes any way they please), and the winners get a slot in our June concert. After a break, there is then about an hour of Open Circle, which is much more informal and participatory, where we go around the circle, and everyone gets to request a song (which someone else can lead), sing a song, read a poem, tell a story, take a rain check, or pass. Admission: $2-5, sliding scale (half for low or no wage); $1 off for Restoraton members and friends (tell the door volunteer).

Concert by Acoustic Blender (David & Jenny Heitler-Klevans, Hope Wesley Harrison, and
Justin Solonynka) and Bethlehem & Sad Patrick [Bethlehem is Marion Napper’s
granddaughter, who sang at her funeral], Sunday, April 9, 7:30 pm
On Sunday, April 9, at 7:30 pm (doors open at 7:00), Acoustic Blender and Sad Patrick & Bethlehem will present a concert, at $10-40* per person (sliding scale, kids under 12 free!); $2 off for Restoration members and friends (tell the door volunteer). Advance tickets can be purchased online at www.folkfactory.org. To arrange childcare, call 215-848-6246 by April 3.

Acoustic Blender is an acoustic alternative folk group consisting of former Restoration member Hope Wesley Harrison, former Folk Factory co-coordinators Jenny & David Heitler-Klevans (multi-award-winning children’s duo Two of a Kind), and singer/songwriting pianist Justin Solonynka (who has played for several Sunday services at Restoration). All the members of Acoustic Blender sing, and their vocal harmonies and arrangements are the centerpiece of the group. Justin is an amazing pianist who also plays pennywhistle and melodica. Hope Wesley Harrison’s finger-style guitar talents compliment her lilting soprano voice. David Heitler-Klevans gets a chance to jam on electric bass, as well as acoustic guitar. Jenny Heitler-Klevans adds various percussion

instruments to the group, including the West African djembe and the South American cajon.

Acoustic Blender’s repertoire is eclectic, with themes ranging from the personal to the political, the ridiculous to the sublime. Along with numerous originals, the group covers songs by The Beatles, They Might Be Giants, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Talking Heads, the Roches and the Dixie Chicks. Songs about peace, justice and endangered species are found alongside ones about llamas.

“Bethlehem Roberson’s dynamic and soulful voice will knock you sideways on its own strength; paired with Patrick Atkins’ jazz tinged guitar playing, just wow. The Germantown duo of Bethlehem and Sad Patrick got their start in the open mic circuit in the Northwest section of the city, capturing audiences with their minimal style – guided by hand percussion and tarima beats – and they stepped out this summer with a powerful performance at the Philadelphia Folk Festival. Look for a new album in 2017.”

— John Vettese, WXPN

Concert by Brother Sun, Thursday, May 18, at 7:30 pm (doors open at 7:00)

On Thursday, May 18, at 7:30 pm (doors open at 7:00), Brother Sun will present a concert, at $15-50* per person (sliding scale, kids under 12 free!); $2 off for Restoration members and friends (tell the door volunteer). Advance tickets can be purchased online at www.folkfactory.org.

National touring artists Joe Jencks, Greg Greenway and Pat Wictor have made their mark as veteran singer-songwriters. Fusing folk, Americana, blues, pop, jazz, rock, and a cappella singing, Brother Sun is an explosion of musical diversity and harmony, in the finest of male singing traditions.

From three major points on the map - Chicago, Boston, and New York - Joe, Greg, and Pat have truly blended themselves into Brother Sun, a unique celebration of the amazing power of singing together. As they will tell you, Brother Sun is not resident in any one of them - it exists between them and audiences feel this intimacy immediately. Their musical skills make for an unforgettable experience - three rich voices blending on a well-crafted foundation of guitar, slide guitar, bouzouki, and piano. The response has been tremendous, with standing ovations for main stage performances at Kerrville, Falcon Ridge, and the Philly Folk Fest. Gene Shay of WXPN says, “I just heard one of the best new songs of my life. The song is called ‘Trouble,’ and the group is called Brother Sun. Three magnificent male voices — together. Gives me the chills — in the nicest way ever!” And Rev. Evan Keely, UU Blue Ridge, Washington, VA, says, “...excellent music superbly performed... The music of Brother Sun gives us courage to strive for a better world and to make more of our own lives. Thank you for that.” For more information, visit: www.brothersunmusic.com.

Childcare is available for the concert; call 215-848-6246 to request it by Monday, May 15, if possible.
For further information, visit www.folkfactory.org or call 215-848-6246! If you are interested in volunteering, call Bruce P. at the same number.

Saturday, March 25 —

CERG (Central East Regional Group) Training
on Leadership Training Meeting

We are sending a group of members to the March Greater Philly Cluster meeting on March 25, 2017. It will be a free CERG training entitled 21st Century Leadership Reset. The meeting runs from 9 am to noon with an 8:30 am meet and greet period. We had 8 Restoration members attend the social justice themed training with Paula Cole-Jones last October and everyone found it to be an extremely worthwhile morning!

You can find more information and register at http://www.greaterphillyuu.org/events/21st-century-leadership-reset/. Fern is arranging carpools for attendees. Please let her or Tim Styer know as soon as you can. Registration closes on March 15.

Friday, March 31 & Saturday, April 1 —

57, The Play

"57 the Play" a tribute to the writer's father, Robert Arlington Smith. The play is directed & written by Karen Smith and featuring Ed Feldman, Rae Faison, Charles Ellis, Bilal Islam and Stefan Matthews. This 5 character production centers around a family struggling with connecting, health and unresolved childhood issues. Family appropriate for those over 14 years of age. For more info, contact

Show Times:
Friday, March 31 @ 7:00 pm
Saturday, April 1 @ 3:00 pm & 7:00 pm

Get tickets at the site below.


Saturday, May 13 —

Spring Pop-up Yard Sale and Flea Market

Our Pop-up Yard Sale and Flea Market events held in recent years continue to be successful. Returning vendors often ask why we don’t have them more often. For now, we continue to hold them in spring and fall.

Community Yard Sale spaces on the lawn will be sold to outside vendors on a first-come basis at $10.00 per space. We will not provide tables or chairs to outside vendors. After making a payment of $10.00, they may set up on the lawn and sidewalk area as early as 7 am. No reservations are required.

Restoration’s Flea Market donated merchandise will be displayed and sold from tables in Fellowship Hall. Please continue to leave your donations labeled “Flea Market” in Hale Hall. Dot Feely will retrieve them to be priced and displayed.

If you have items you wish to sell for yourself, above and beyond your church donations, please follow the vendor procedure.

NOTE — A big hit in past years has been Harald G.’s portraits sketches.

So, if you wish to participate in preparation and/or the day’s activities, please let Cynthia Bradley and Dot Feely know. There will be a list of volunteer opportunities. We will need your help with registering vendors, collecting payment, and monitoring outside, as well as set-up, cashiering, and monitoring inside. BONUS- there will be snacks, Klondike bars, and a whole lot of fun!

Questions, email Please help us in support of this community outreach effort.

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Wednesdays, at 6 pm —

CommUUnity Wednesday

Join us for Restoration's first CommUUnity Wednesdays at 6 pm in Fellowship Hall

Come as you are on for a potluck gathering in Fellowship Hall. We're calling it "CommUUnity Wednesday" and it's going to be a time for sharing, music, potluck, and connection. We need community more than ever during these turbulent times, so we plan to meet the last Wednesday of every month. Families and children welcome.

Thursdays, 6 pm —

Join Us at Our Weekly Black Lives Matter Vigil every Thursday

Monthly, Second Sunday —

Come to the Justice Council

All are welcome to attend, after our Second Sunday Potluck. We have a lot to talk about!

POWER, its reflection & renewal process and our Restoration membership

  • New opportunities to get involved with UUPLAN
  • Restoration's congregational one-on-one conversations
  • Ideas for a social justice retreat in the late spring
  • Change-for-change recipients for 2016
  • Mt Airy 2025 initiative
If there is another topic anyone would like to bring to our agenda, please let if you would like more information about these sessions. know. As always, there is a lot going on with social justice and community ministries at Restoration and I look forward to continuing to shape our vision for justice together.
— Director of Community and Social Justice Ministries, María McCabe

Every Sunday —

Sunday Morning Meditation

Sunday Morning Meditation is located in Hale Lounge from 9:30 am until 10:30 am. The 1st and 3rd Sundays will be a more structured Sitting Meditation. The 2nd and 4th Sundays will be left open to the desires of the attendees - possibly for chanting, a walking meditation, walking the labyrinth.


The 7 circuit rainbow labyrinth is once again in full color on our side lawn.

This 4,000 year old design can be used as a walking path to a new experience. Before you start, you may want to sit quietly and reflect. Some come with questions, others just want to take time to slow down, or to meditate, or reconnect with their center, and some come to find strength to take their next step.

Please talk to Bernadette if you want more information.

Mondays & Thursdays 4-5 pm —

Chair Yoga in Hale Lounge

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It's Time to "Bestow Our Dough"

Restoration's Pledge Canvass for the 2017-2018 fiscal year got off to a very good start at the Super Second Sunday Potluck Luncheon on Sunday, March 12. Scrumptious dishes supplied by members and friends provided ample food. Following the opening candle lighting ceremony and the singing of "This Litte Light of Mine" (enhanced by Sandy F.'s rewrite of the words to this familiar hymn, which include the line, "Now let's go, bestow our dough.") presentations were made by Dot F., Tim S., Len R. and Bill D. An extensive discussion and question period followed.

Please give very careful consideration to your pledge for the new fiscal year, which begins on July 1. Restoration has ambitious plans for the future and it needs your $$ to support them.

Reminder: All pledge cards are due by Sunday, April 2.

— Dot F., Pledge Canvass Coordinator
Bridget M. (check out her gorgeous new pledge thermometer)
Sandy F. (song writer extraordinaire)

Restoration's Board of Trustees Spring Update

Wondering what’s going with “The Board”? This report attempts to inform you by appearing in UU Restoration’s Newsletters, quarterly.

2016/2017 Restoration Board Members are:
Tim S., Moderator
Cynthia B., Asst Moderator
Fern C., Secretary
Len R., Interim Treasurer (for more information...)
Anne A., Trustee
Wayne B., Trustee
Jesse R., Trustee
Grace S., Trustee
During the winter, the board held four regular board meetings on the first Wednesday of each month and facilitated one Town Hall Meeting on January 22. Members continued to participate in various church activities, our weekly Black Lives Matter Vigils, and other social justice and community events, including hospitality for PIHN guests, who arrived on February 5, 2017 for a four-week stay.

Over the past three months, the Board has approved the formation of a Caring Committee, a Security Plan Task Force, planning committees for both of our co-ministers’ ordinations, and a Minister Search Committee. For me, the highlight of the season was our participation in the Women’s March in Washington and here in Philadelphia on January 21, 2017, the day after the inauguration. Thus, we began the long road of resistance, which continues through work with Indivisible, POWER, and UUPLAN.

Our regular board meeting agenda includes reports from the co-ministers, the religious education committee, the treasurer, and a Social Justice and Community Ministry report. We discuss current internal and external activities, assess next steps, and assume responsibility for certain projects. Our current and immediate task is to carry on the business of the church through this transition period. Our pledge theme for 2016/17 was “Believe” and we will make every effort to keep that spirit as we continue this chapter in Restoration history.

Would you like to serve on the Board? There will be opportunities available for the 2017/2018 Church Year. Just contact the Nominating Committee.

If you are curious about board procedures and how we conduct church business and you wish to attend a meeting, please let us know. Board members, along with the minister, and Maria McCabe, Director of Social Justice and Community Ministry, meet at church on the first Wednesday evening of each month from 7 pm until approximately 9 pm, usually in Hale Hall. If you have a specific issue or request, we advise you to put it in writing and submit it to the Moderator, Tim S., or to me, before planning to attend.

Best wishes for happy holidays and a Happy Spring! Thank you.
— Cynthia B., Assistant Moderator

You are Welcome Here Banner

Thanks go to Larry H. for placing the flag holder in the ground for our Summer Sunday School project. Watch for the beribboned pole on Sunday mornings. The students worked on identifying languages they wanted to include and copying the phrase "you are welcome here" on plastic strips. We currently have a strip for Italian, English, German, Spanish, Arabic, Farsi, Korean, and Swahili. We have plenty of room to add more strips. Can you help us add a language? Let Quinn or Jamie or Fern know of your idea!

New Safety and Security Committee

The new Safety and Security Committee is at work. Here's how you may help:
Are you a currently qualified CPR instructor? Would you have time to teach these techniques to a few other volunteers?

Please or phone her at 215-438-4691. If you aren't an instructor but know someone who can teach CPR for a reasonable fee, please give Sandy the name and contact information.

Thank you from the Safety & Security Committee of Restoration.

Sign the Declaration of Conscience

Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) President Rev. Peter Morales and Unitarian Universalist Service Committee (UUSC) President and CEO Hon. Thomas Andrews invite you to sign the Declaration of Conscience, committing to put Unitarian Universalist values into action to resist hate, fear and bigotry. "We will oppose any and all unjust government actions to deport, register, discriminate, or despoil. As people of conscience, we declare our commitment to translate our values into action as we stand on the side of love with the most vulnerable among us. We welcome and invite all to join in this commitment for justice." Join us in transforming faith into action! Read the full Declaration of Conscience and sign on today!

Meet our Part-time Interim Music Director

We have some good news to share. Her name is Marianne Gruzwalski, and she is a recent graduate of Temple University’s choral conducting program in the Boyer College of Music and Dance.

We're sure she is an excellent fit for us, and will be an asset to the choir, and our music ministry.

She will lead two Thursday evening choir rehearsals per month, and will lead/accompany the choir in its singing at the Sunday service on the following two Sundays. She will also serve as pianist on those same two Sundays.

We have offered her the position for period of September 29 through the end of January, with the option to renew should Jane Hulting not yet be strong enough to return.

Please join us in welcoming Marianne to Restoration.

— Jo Green, Tim S. and Linda H.

Serve - Get Involved - Enrich Relationships

Coffee hour, fellowship and shared food are a big tradition at Restoration. In fact, we are noted for our welcoming atmosphere and unfailing outreach to newcomers. Let's keep it that way!! Our church runs smoothly each Sunday because of our hospitality teams. Annabel G. and Barbara P. have carefully assigned all members and friends to teams to help our combined efforts. Thus all participate in greeting before service, ringing the bell, ushering, providing food, doing set-up and clean-up in Fellowship Hall, as folks are willing and able. We happily announce some changes to the team structure.
Click to read entire article...

Looking for the Latest Church Directory?

...or directions to a friend's home or your latest contribution statement? Find them all online at http://www.iconcmo/login/. You can update your own information or attach a photo to an email to with a request to add. Download the mobile version to your tablet and always have the information at your fingertips.

Forgot your username or password?
Email and request a new one.

Live Stream Feedback

If you watch the live-stream of our worship service, please send your feedback about the quality of the streaming experience to: and

Email Policy has been Posted

Please take a look at Restoration's email policy that has been posted on the Documents, Policies and Procedures page of this website. The security tips are useful for all our members and friends as well as those who have church email addresses.
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Meet Jeanne Pupke, Candidate for UUA President

In less than four months, Unitarian Universalists will elect a new President of the Unitarian Universalist Association. The President of the UUA serves two primary functions:
  • the public voice for our Association
  • the CEO a large non-profit organization, the UUA
I believe I bring the strongest combination of experience and passion, have a clear vision for our future as an Association, and know how to turn vision into being.

I ask that you, please, share this email with members of your congregation, and especially your leaders, so they have an opportunity to learn about my candidacy. Thank you.

Today, I'd like to tell you a little about myself to give you a sense of what I have to offer the UUA. In the coming weeks, I will lay out my vision and my concrete plans for building:

  • a commonwealth of congregations and covenanting communities
  • a Unitarian Universalist Association that is organized for the 21st century
  • a faith that is on fire through radical inclusion
I hope that between now and election day, June 24, 2017, you'll invest in the future of the UUA by learning all you can about the candidates, about the role of the UUA President, and why it matters to you, your congregation, and our place in the world. Click to read the entire article...

UUMA-PK: Announcement and request from the JPD Board

Dear colleagues, the Joseph Priestley District of the UUA is sponsoring an amendment to the UUA by-laws. We are asking UUA member congregations and individual Unitarian Universalists to add their endorsements.

Our motivation comes from our experience. Since beginning the work of transition from the two layered district and national form of governance to a single, national governance configuration, the JPD has sought to preserve its congregations' direct, year-round linkage to its governing body. This proposed amendment, if passed, will require the UUA Board of Trustees to establish a continuous and direct link at the national level.

To learn more about our reasoning and to add your endorsement and the endorsement of your congregation's governing board, please follow this link. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1l0bdvjJtg9hYGOTv4A7On_7-BwXEQcg2BpU4fIpDvEU/viewform?ts=58b99a4c&edit_requested=true&fbzx=4196082072905479700

Rev. Keith Goheen
VP, JPD Board of Directors

UUH Outreach Program Connects Older Adults

Reducing older adults' social isolation is one of UUH Outreach Program, Outreach, goals. Some studies relate social isolation to depression and mental decline. Other studies find possible relationships to reduced activity and heart disease.

Outreach staff members, interns and volunteers constantly find ways to connect to their 300 clients through:

  • Regular phone calls and updates.
  • Home visits.
  • Small group activities.
  • Quarterly large group programs.
Client feedback lets everyone know that their efforts are successful. Some say:
  • It was great to get out and have fun with other people.
  • I painted a picture and I didn't know that I could make something beautiful.
  • I saw a friend I hadn't seen in years. We're going to call each other more often.
If you know someone who lives alone, seems to have few friends or doesn't get out often, feel free to suggest that he or she contacts Outreach at 215-843-5881 or email

The Greater Philly UU Cluster

The Greater Philly UU Cluster (GPC) (http://www.greaterphillyuu.org/) is comprised of 14 nearby UU congregations and is actively connecting these congregations to share our message, grow our faith and strengthen congregations. Here are some opportunities to get involved:
Click to read more information...

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Another Way to Stay In Touch

If you use Facebook, please join the congregation's group page; Unitarian Universalist Church of the Restoration. You can learn more about what's going on in our community and you can post your own thoughts, poems, prayers... https://www.facebook.com/groups/39131276017/

Please Hang Up Your Coats

Do not leave your coats on the chairs in the Fellowship Hall or the pews in the Library. They take up valuable space that we need for seating during Coffee Hour. Please hang your coats on the rack in the hallway just outside the Fellowship Hall so that everyone can sit comfortably.

Restoration's Work Request Forms

If you are requesting work to be done, please complete the appropriate colored work request form located on the office door. Once your form is completed, place it in the bin labeled Administrative Assistant also hanging on the office door.

For those who do not frequently visit the church, you can send your request via email to office@uurestoration.us.

Pink - Request for Administrative Assistant
Yellow - Request for voucher check
Blue - Request for the custodian

Hale Hall Doors

It is imperative that we remember that both front and back doors to Hale Hall remain locked at all times. This means even during meetings and Sunday services. Please do not let anyone into Hale Hall that you do not personally know is safe at any time. During services, all members, friends and congregants should come in the sanctuary door. Thank you for your cooperation.
— Tim S., Moderator

Staples Rewards Restoration with $$$

Don’t forget to give the church’s telephone number (215-247-2561) when you make any personal purchase at a Staples store, by telephone or online. By doing so a credit will be posted to Restoration’s Staples account for a percentage of the sale. These credits, known as Staples Business Rewards, really add up. We use them to offset the cost of our office supplies.

In addition, Restoration’s Staples account will receive a Reward of $2.00 if you give the church’s telephone number (215-247-2561) when you turn in your used printer cartridges (any kind or type) at Staples. You can also leave your old cartridges in the Duo Room where they will be picked up and turned in to Staples.
— Dot F.

Purchasing Online? Shop Using iGive.com

Calling all online shoppers! Give to PIHN through iGive.com! You can make financial donations to PIHN without spending an extra penny. Do your holiday online shopping through iGive.com. It's as easy as 1-2-3...

  1. Visit this link: http://www.igive.com/Qx51lcq. It will take you to the iGive homepage with Philadelphia Interfaith Hospitality Network selected as your cause. Here, you can register to be a PIHN supporter (it's easy and free).
  2. After you sign up, you'll get an email telling you to install the iGive button with instructions on how to do so. You can download this onto any computer or phone you use to shop online. The button will show up on the top of your internet browser window.
  3. Press the iGive button, and browse 1,300+ stores that participate and select one. You'll see what percentage of your purchase will go to PIHN. Your purchase/donation will automatically be registered with iGive. You'll receive an email confirmation after you visit your first store, just to make sure the donation tracking system is working.
Go for it. And thanks!

A Super Easy Way for You to Help Restoration

What if Restoration earned a penny every time you searched the Internet? Or how about if a percentage of every purchase you made online went to support our cause? Well, now it can!

GoodSearch.com is a search engine that donates half its advertising revenue, about a penny per search, to the charities its users designate. Use it just as you would any search engine, get quality search results from Yahoo, and watch the donations add up!

GoodShop.com is an online shopping mall which donates up to 37 percent of each purchase to your favorite cause - Restoration! Hundreds of great stores including Amazon, Target, Gap, Best Buy, ebay, Macy's and Barnes & Noble have teamed up with GoodShop and every time you place an order, you'll be supporting Restoration.

GoodSearch: You Search...We Give! Use the button link here on our church website. Or just go to http://www.goodsearch.com and be sure to enter the "Unitarian Universalist Church of the Restoration" as the charity you want to support.

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