Unitarian Universalist Church of the Restoration
Posted Friday, June 23


Sunday services begin at 11 am in the sanctuary immediately followed by refreshments and conversation in our Fellowship Hall.
Both spaces are air conditioned in the summer for your comfort.

Restoration is Handicapped Accessible!

Restoration features a ramp to the main sanctuary level and a recently completed wheelchair lift and handicapped restroom on the lower level to make our Fellowship Hall more accessible to our congregants, visitors and renters. CHECK HERE for photos.

NOTE: Order of Service Now on our Live Stream

We have added a feature to our streaming video for Sunday morning worship services for a trial basis. We are including an Order of Service as a PDF on the site. When you click on the Live Stream button to the right side of the page you will see a PDF tab. When you click that, it will bring up the Order of Service. You can follow along with the Order of Service, but you will need to click back and forth between the streaming video and the PDF. We would also love to receive your feedback after you have used this new feature and let us know if it is beneficial.

Thank you all who stream with us! Blessings on a wonderful new year ahead!
— Jo Green and Maria McCabe


Recent sermons are available in VIDEO FORMAT and others are available as TEXT.

Upcoming Worship Services

June 18: Choosing Abundance
Times of transition are bittersweet. We carry hope for the future while grieving for the past. In this service, we will explore the gifts we receive in our seasons of change.
— The Reverend Maria McCabe in the pulpit with Worship Associate, Linda H.

June 25: Milestones in Ministry
In this service, we will celebrate our journey in ministry together, giving thanks for the many gifts we have shared with one another.
— The Reverend Maria McCabe in the pulpit

July 2: Freedom for Whom? – The Slaves of George and Martha Washington
July 4th celebrates the idea of freedom – and not just freedom from British domination for colonial Americans. It’s the day in 1776 when the Declaration of Independence was read to the American public as a statement of fundamental freedom – like the freedom to control your own life. It enshrines the idea that “that all men are created equal…”

The irony was that some of the Founding Fathers were slaveholders. That even after Independence, 1 in 5 people in the new United States were not free. Slaves were held by some of the very people that were celebrating freedom for themselves. People like George and Martha Washington.

In a worship service on Sunday, July 2, we will look at some of the people who were slaves of the Washingtons; all worked in the household and/or were personal aides, servants, or companions of George and Martha. Most worked in the first White House in Philadelphia, as well as at Mount Vernon. They were all slaves - but they were not faceless! They deserve to be known – for their often-exceptional abilities, for their personalities. for their role in history… They were often known outside the household i.e. to the friends and relations of the Washingtons. What was it like for them? What did the talk of freedom mean for them and their families?
— Worship Associates, Rita F. and Cynthia B.

Change for Change: June

Change for Change for June is the Global Women's Strike. We have partnered for the past several years with the Philadelphia office of this International organization in the case of Tyree Carroll, who was brutally assaulted by Philadelphia police and wrongly incarcerated for riding his bicycle the wrong way down a one-way street.

"The Global Women's Strike is a movement that seeks to value all women's work and all women's lives around the world. Many countries (including Guyana, Haiti, the United States, the United Kingdom, India, Italy, Peru, and Ireland) actively participate in this campaign in an effort to grant women justice for their unacknowledged contribution in the labor force." www.globalwomanstrike.net

A Reminder...

Thank you, to all who have kept up with your pledges! At the beginning of this fiscal year, our theme was "Believe" and we have managed to run smoothly thus far. However, as of June 7, we find our pledges are slightly below our goal. Thus, you may have already received a reminder. We have less than one month before the end of this fiscal year. While we plan new and exciting things for 2017/2018, please be mindful of your current monthly pledges, so that we may complete this year with great enthusiasm. We have many activities to look forward to in the coming months and we are counting on you to fulfill this year's promise, as we continue our journey, "Lighting the Way".

Blessings to Us,
Cynthia R. Bradley
Assistant Moderator

From our Minister —

From Beginning to End

Hello dear beloved members and friends. I’ve been putting aside this article time and time again as I knew it would be difficult to write. I’m not a fan of endings. I am not very good at saying goodbye. Generally, I want things to stay as they are, comfortable, predictable, routine.

But things do come to an end. Endings are necessary for growth. Endings are necessary for evolution, for healing, for progress. For as we end one phase, it allows us to enter a new, more evolved, more mature phase so that we can grow, we can heal, we can progress.

We all have grown this year. It is time to move on to future endeavors so that we can become the best human beings that we can. I have so enjoyed being here with you, watching this congregation care for itself, support itself both financially and emotionally, and love itself. You have so much in which to be proud, so much that you have accomplished, a small but mighty band of members! You have solidly incorporated a foundation of social justice within your community here in Mt. Airy. You are creating a leadership where members are taking responsibility and becoming accountable to each other. You are reaching out into the community to make your presence known and to do the work, as Unitarian Universalists, we feel the need to do.

I have gotten to know most of you well and your generosity towards me has been so welcomed. I have felt a part of this community and have so enjoyed learning the history of Restoration and the surrounding neighborhood. I am grateful I have been able to participate in services with you, in events

and fundraisers, and in quiet conversations. For I treasure these conversations we have been able to have together. A part of growth is learning, discovering new features about each other’s lives, integrating new ideas about each other, whether we agree or disagree. This is how we combat the hatred and dare I say evil in the world. Now more than ever we need to get to know each other on a personal level so that we can empathize, we can relate, we can connect with each other, no matter what our beliefs or differences. It is up to us to venture out and connect, to make that first move, to take that first step, to help initiate change and carry love with us. It is up to us, each one of us. And not to do this alone, that would be a momentous task to ask of anyone, but to do this together! TOGETHER. This congregation can do this together. This will be how to effect change, this will be how to grow, this will be how to attract new members and become an even greater congregation than you are now.

So on the last day of June I will be saying goodbye. I will remember you and I hope that you will remember me. You all have a solid footing in governing yourself and you are showing this daily. Take a risk, volunteer for that committee, assist in a new part of the church life that you’ve never helped before. Meet others in the congregation you don’t know very well and get to know them even better. Spread the love amongst yourselves and your neighborhood. It will only help you to grow, to heal, to step into that next phase of maturity.

Blessings to you all! Be well, fear not, new beginnings are up ahead!

With much Love,
— The Reverend Jo Green   posted: June 9, 2017

From your Moderator —

Change and Resiliency

I thought of these words by Reverend Vanessa Rush Southern while thinking about what to write for this quarter’s newsletter. I think it fits well with what we’re dealing with on so many levels including in our congregation. Here’s what she has to say.

“According to folks who know something about ending and beginning well, navigating transitions is done best a little slower. A good ending means stopping to ask what will remain despite the changes you face. It means taking stock of what you may have to say good-bye to in the transition and then mourning (or celebrating) those good-byes.Au revoirpreschool, hello the Big Leagues; adios single life, hello conjugal bliss; good-bye loved one, hello the pieces of you that endure in me. It means acknowledging all the uncertainties too.”

“When we have done all the work of reflecting on what endures, what is lost, and what’s unknown, then, supposedly, we are truly ready for the next chapter — emotionally, spiritually, intellectually ready”. “Miles of Dream: Meditations (inSpirit)” by Vanessa Rush Southern.

As I look back at our time together for the past five years what initially comes to mind is “Change” and then “Resiliency”. Those two things have been more common than anything else. Guess what? We are still in what some might call radical change and still we rise as Maya Angelou reminded us. The reality is that radical change is happening everywhere. Politically we are experiencing some of the most radical change any of us have experienced in a generation that seems to just take the air out of everything with constant news of chaos and uncertainty. Just three months ago we’ve experienced change in the leadership of our association the UUA, with the sudden departure of President Peter Morales and other top UUA leadership. In our own congregation many of us have experienced radical change in our personal lives that in a lot of cases have turned our lives upside down. As a community we are also experiencing change in our church with the impending departure of our two beloved Ministers, Reverend Jo Green and soon to be as of this writing, Reverend Maria McCabe.

I have been reminded that change often produces anxiety. Many of you have expressed not only disappointment but also anxiety that our two beloved Sisters will be moving on. As Reverend Vanessa Southern says “A good ending means stopping to ask what will remain despite the changes we face. It means taking stock of what we may have to say good-bye to in the transition and then mourning (or celebrating)”. In our case I am reminded of how blessed we are and have been, to have done our ministries together with Maria and Jo. I believe that we have been made mutually stronger during our time together. In addition, what better celebration is it to have nurtured, loved and supported two brand new Ministers for our world at this time of immense need?. Another certainty I’ve expressed to people is that we are resilient and have been for over 197 years. Restoration is healthy not only spiritually, but also temporally. Our finances are in good shape, we had a successful pledge drive, our facilities are in good shape, we have good worship services with good attendance, lastly and most important is what remains is that we have a strong community that continues to live it’s mission of “Embracing all Souls and Restoring Wholeness”.

Yours in Service
— Tim Styer   posted: June 9, 2017


Our Sanctuary is lively and full on Sunday mornings,
a wonderful testimony to the energy of this community.

We want to welcome all who come to our worship services,
so please make space in our pews. Move to the front or the center
when you can. If you arriving a little late, consider coming in
through the Hale Hall door.

Thank you!!!

Office Hours

Jo's Office Hours

Jo's schedule has become more flexible and will not have set office hours. You will be able to set appointments at various times.

or phone 818-489-2055

Maria's Office Hours

Tuesday and Thursday: 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm
... and by appointment

Email or phone 610-517-2811

Church Office Hours

Wednesday: 11:00 am - 7:00 pm
Thursday: 11:00 am - 7:00 pm
Friday: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm

or phone 215-247-2561.

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Saturday, June 24 —

Bookreaders to Discuss The Book of Joy in June

The Restoration Bookreaders group will meet at 1 pm in Hale Lounge on Saturday, June 24 to discuss The Book of Joy by His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

You need not have read the book to join in on the discussion. Light refreshments will be served.

Bookreaders selection for July (date to be determined at the June meeting) is The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry by Rachel Joyce.
Bookreader Coordinator.

Thursday, June 28 —

Potluck Party after Black Lives Matter Vigil

Please make a note on your NEXT WEEK's calendar for Thursday, June 29. The Black Lives Matter/Honk for Justice vigil, as always, begins at 6 pm and ends at 6:30, holding signs along Stenton Ave. Rev Maria says she can be there, and a few weeks ago we decided to bring potluck snacks for afterward. We can set them up in Hale Lounge before (or after) the outdoor vigil. From 6:30 to about 7:15 we'll be meeting, munching, conversing, and hugging Maria in Hale Lounge.

If you can arrive by 6 pm that would be great--thanks to Desi's talented teenagers there are plenty of signs--but at least aim to get here by 6:30 when the party begins. If you can, bring cookies, crackers and cheese, potato chips, (real) fruit juice, sodas (preferably diet), and finger food like fresh fruits & veggies. If you can't, there should be plenty to snack on.

I decided to send this out early since the farewell will be our dear Reverend Maria McCabe's big sendoff from those of us who are vigil veterans, so I've tried to remember anyone who's attended the vigil more than once or twice. Unfortunately, 3 years is a long time for me to remember anything at my age! If I've forgotten anyone, and should invite someone from another house of worship, please let me know. I'll have plenty of time to get in touch with them.

Hope to see you next week! Many of you are at GA this week, but we'll be holding this Black Lives Matter vigil as always. We haven't missed a week since it began--thanks to ministerial student Maria McCabe!--in late August, 2014, nearly 3 years ago. Rain, snow, sweltering sun, nighttime, we've been there. It's an energizing experience that brings hope. If you haven't recently, you will be AMAZED at how many drivers now honk, wave and smile as they pass by. Maria Whitney has graciously accepted the invitation to lead us in this week's meditation, reading and candle lighting after we come back inside.
— Sandy F.

July 1 and September 2 —


Our first BIG BOOK SALE of 2017 will take place in the Fellowship Hall on Saturday, July 1. We will invite the community in to buy our hard and soft cover books, CDs & DVDs, VHS & audio tapes and jig-saw puzzles. We have a loyal BIG BOOK SALE following so we expect a big crowd.

We have BOOKS GALORE, but we could use more. Just leave them in the Hale vestibule. We'll need HELPERS to set up the display tables on Thursday, June 28 and Friday, June 30 and, on July 1, to act as hall monitors, cashiers and clean-up crew. Look for sign-up sheets on the piano in the fellowship hall.

— Dot F., BIG BOOK Sale Coordinator

Saturday, September 23 —

Restoration's Fall Pop-up Flea Market

Restoration’s FALL FLEA MARKET will be held on Saturday, September 23. Our own Flea Market items will be displayed and sold from tables in the fellowship hall. Community vendor spaces on the lawn will be sold to outside vendors on a first-come basis at $10.00 per space. Vendors may set up their own tables and chairs on the lawn as early as 7 am No reservations will be taken.

We’ll need helpers to set-up the merchandise, act as hall monitors, cashiers and clean-up crew. Sign-up sheets for helpers will be available on the piano in the fellowship hall during coffee hours in the weeks prior to the event.

Questions, email or Please help us in support of this community outreach effort.

Saturday, November 18 —

Service Auction Ahead in November!

It’s time to think about what services you can donate to the Fall Auction, which will be held on Saturday, November 18.

The tentative theme is “Action Heroes: Male, Female and Juvenile.”

Stay tuned for more Auction info.

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Wednesdays, 12 to 1:30 pm —

Bring Your Own...

BYOL - BRING YOUR OWN LUNCH takes place in Hale Lounge. Everyone is welcome; just bring a sandwich. There's no agenda and no homework! Just come and enjoy conversation and catch up on the latest church news.

Wednesdays, at 6 pm —

CommUUnity Wednesday

Join us for Restoration's first CommUUnity Wednesdays at 6 pm in Fellowship Hall

Come as you are on for a potluck gathering in Fellowship Hall. We're calling it "CommUUnity Wednesday" and it's going to be a time for sharing, music, potluck, and connection. We need community more than ever during these turbulent times, so we plan to meet the last Wednesday of every month. Families and children welcome.

Thursdays, 6 pm —

Join Us at Our Weekly Black Lives Matter Vigil every Thursday

Monthly, Second Sunday —

Come to the Justice Council

All are welcome to attend, after our Second Sunday Potluck. We have a lot to talk about!

POWER, its reflection & renewal process and our Restoration membership

  • New opportunities to get involved with UUPLAN
  • Restoration's congregational one-on-one conversations
  • Ideas for a social justice retreat in the late spring
  • Change-for-change recipients for 2016
  • Mt Airy 2025 initiative
If there is another topic anyone would like to bring to our agenda, please let if you would like more information about these sessions. know. As always, there is a lot going on with social justice and community ministries at Restoration and I look forward to continuing to shape our vision for justice together.
— Director of Community and Social Justice Ministries, María McCabe

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Restoration's Board of Trustees Summer Update

Wondering what’s going with “The Board”? This report attempts to inform you by appearing in UU Restoration’s Newsletters, quarterly.

2016/2017 Restoration Board Members were:
Tim S., Moderator
Cynthia B., Asst Moderator
Fern C., Secretary
Len R., Interim Treasurer
Anne A., Trustee
Wayne B., Trustee
Jesse R., Trustee
Grace S., Trustee
During the spring, the board held regular board meetings on the first Wednesday of each month and facilitated one Congregational Meeting on May 7, and the Annual Budget Meeting on May 21st. Members continued to participate in various church activities, our weekly Black Lives Matter Vigils, and other social justice and community events, including the Spring Flea Market and Pop-Up Yard Sale fundraiser on May 20.

Over the past three months, the Board has approved the formation of a Committee on Ministry, assigned a task force to assure leadership for services during the summer, and continued to monitor the Minister Search Committee. Two great joys of the season were the ordinations of our two co-ministers, Jo Green in collaboration with the Cherry Hill UU Church on April 23, and Maria McCabe in collaboration with the UU Church of Wilmington on June 4. We wish much success and happiness for both Reverends!

The task of the Board is to carry on the business of the church and our pledge theme for 2016/17 was “Believe”. We have come to the end of this chapter in Restoration history. And, I am at the end of my tenure as a member of the Board. It has been an honor to serve, first as a trustee and subsequently as Assistant Moderator. My sincere gratitude to Moderator, Tim Styer, and the various officers and members who served along with me over the past seven years.

I am sure the next Board will make every effort to keep the spirit up of the past few years, as we, at Restoration, continue Lighting the Way in 2017/2018.

Best wishes for a happy and safe summer!
— Cynthia B., Assistant Moderator

Summer Hospitality - It's up to YOU!

Hospitality teams are disbanded during the months of June, July and August, partly because of co-ordinator fatigue and partly because of custom. Members travel and many prefer a more casual lifestyle. When you are attending during these months, what can you contribute? The food table is casual: bring something to share. Dot F. will continue her “coffeeservice,” unless she is away.

What can you do to help? Identify your favorite contribution: Perhaps you enjoy the socialization of being a greeter? Always wanted to ring the bell? Well, here is your chance.

If you are an experienced usher, take a look at the back of the church and see if anyone has stepped up – if not, volunteer on the spur of the moment. Remember that job involves two people counting and signing off on the funds collected.

Clean-up is a great time to chat and catch-up with your friends. Putting tables away could be your contribution.

Teams for September thru May will be formed in mid-August.

Make an Appointment to Talk with our new RE Consultant

Our new RE Consultant, Sarah Ahrens, DRE of the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Hunterdon (New Jersey) had a great visit with several folks from Restoration last Sunday afternoon. Now she invites anyone and everyone who would like to have an impact on the future of RE at Restoration to get in touch with her to set up an interview.

She can be reached via telephone or text at 201-665-8775 or After conducting extensive interviews at Restoration, Sarah will offer recommendations to the Board and congregation.

For more information about Sarah...
Sarah brings an impressive range of educational, program direction, and administrative experience to her role as the Director of Religious Education. Her past and present experience includes having been owner & Program Director of Electronic Education & Exploration, LLC; a conference coach at Huntington Learning Center; a co-leader of the Holistic Mother's Network; a high school English teacher and drama club advisor; an office manager and fiscal services administrator; and serving on the Board of Trustees of the Trillium Foundation for Education and Sustainability. Even more importantly, she brings her own energy, enthusiasm and ideas, and we believe she will be an excellent leader and steward of our Religious Education program, and inspiration to our children and youth. She has been a member of FUUFHC since 2007 and her son, Griffin, is part of our RE program.

You are Welcome Here Banner

Thanks go to Larry H. for placing the flag holder in the ground for our Summer Sunday School project. Watch for the beribboned pole on Sunday mornings. The students worked on identifying languages they wanted to include and copying the phrase "you are welcome here" on plastic strips. We currently have a strip for Italian, English, German, Spanish, Arabic, Farsi, Korean, and Swahili. We have plenty of room to add more strips. Can you help us add a language? Let Quinn or Jamie or Fern know of your idea!

Looking for the Latest Church Directory?

...or directions to a friend's home or your latest contribution statement? Find them all online at https://www.iconcmo.com/login/. You can update your own information or attach a photo to an email to with a request to add. Download the mobile version to your tablet and always have the information at your fingertips.

Forgot your username or password?
Email and request a new one.

Live Stream Feedback

If you watch the live-stream of our worship service, please send your feedback about the quality of the streaming experience to: and

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Voting is Open - Assign Delegate Credentials Now

This year, for the first time ever, we are delighted to offer an electronic voting system that will allow all delegates to vote from any internet-enabled computer, phone or tablet. In order for your member delegates to vote, your congregation needs to assign and distribute credentials to them. Follow the link below - it's quick and easy!

Voting has officially begun, but member delegates might want to wait until after the Candidates' Forum which will be hosted at General Assembly (and streamed online) at 8 pm CT on Friday, June 23.

(Voting will remain open until 5 pm CT on Saturday, June 24.) Keep in mind that once your delegates cast their ballot, they cannot be changed.

Also note: delegates do not need to be registered for GA to vote in the election, but do need to register (onsite or offsite) to vote on business matters.


Be sure to visit http://www.UUA.org/Elections for more information
about the election and candidates.

Candidates for UUA President

Susan Frederick Gray
Alison Miller
Jeanne Pupke

UUMA-PK: Announcement and request from the JPD Board

Dear colleagues, the Joseph Priestley District of the UUA is sponsoring an amendment to the UUA by-laws. We are asking UUA member congregations and individual Unitarian Universalists to add their endorsements.

Our motivation comes from our experience. Since beginning the work of transition from the two layered district and national form of governance to a single, national governance configuration, the JPD has sought to preserve its congregations' direct, year-round linkage to its governing body. This proposed amendment, if passed, will require the UUA Board of Trustees to establish a continuous and direct link at the national level.

To learn more about our reasoning and to add your endorsement and the endorsement of your congregation's governing board, please follow this link. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1l0bdvjJtg9hYGOTv4A7On_7-BwXEQcg2BpU4fIpDvEU/viewform?ts=58b99a4c&edit_requested=true&fbzx=4196082072905479700

Rev. Keith Goheen
VP, JPD Board of Directors

The Greater Philly UU Cluster

The Greater Philly UU Cluster (GPC) (http://www.greaterphillyuu.org/) is comprised of 14 nearby UU congregations and is actively connecting these congregations to share our message, grow our faith and strengthen congregations. Here are some opportunities to get involved:
Click to read more information...

A Call from UUH Outreach

Ann listens. She calls to the UUH Outreach clients; she asks them questions and then she listens. She pays attention to clients' responses and she wonders about their silent pauses. Ann hears their concerns and their doubts. Then, she:
  • Lets them know she cares.
  • Laughs with them about their amusing situations.
  • Finds out about their difficulties.
Most importantly, if a client has any urgent need, Ann refers him/her to the appropriate staff member.

Ann ensures that clients maintain contact with the UUH Outreach staff and are aware of upcoming programs and services. She thoroughly enjoys her volunteer position and is even expanding it to help a few willing clients with small home organizing tasks.

Ann Cullinan grew up in Chester County. She married she moved to Sacramento CA where she worked in a drug abuse program. Now, she's back in Philadelphia. Both UUH Outreach staff members and clients are thrilled to have her volunteering with them. If you would like information about becoming an Outreach client, contact Erika at 215-843-5881 or email outreach@uuhouse.org

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PIHN'S Summer Wish List

"Camperships" and more...
We are busy matching many children with meaningful summer experiences. PIHN seeks to help each child build a resume of experiences from kindergarten on up. As in the past, PIHN aims to have at least 75 children attend camps and have first work experiences. We still have several children in need of camp scholarships as well as youth looking work opportunities! A $250 donation will send a child to camp and/or pay for transportation to a summer program.

If you would like to help, please send a donation to PIHN, 7047 Germantown Ave. Philadelphia, PA 19119 and note that your donation be applied to "PIHN's SUMMER CAMP FUND".
Click to read entire article.

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Another Way to Stay In Touch

If you use Facebook, please join the congregation's group page; Unitarian Universalist Church of the Restoration. You can learn more about what's going on in our community and you can post your own thoughts, poems, prayers... https://www.facebook.com/groups/39131276017/

Please Hang Up Your Coats

Do not leave your coats on the chairs in the Fellowship Hall or the pews in the Library. They take up valuable space that we need for seating during Coffee Hour. Please hang your coats on the rack in the hallway just outside the Fellowship Hall so that everyone can sit comfortably.

Restoration's Work Request Forms

If you are requesting work to be done, please complete the appropriate colored work request form located on the office door. Once your form is completed, place it in the bin labeled Administrative Assistant also hanging on the office door.

For those who do not frequently visit the church, you can send your request via email to office@uurestoration.us.

Pink - Request for Administrative Assistant
Yellow - Request for voucher check
Blue - Request for the custodian

Hale Hall Doors

It is imperative that we remember that both front and back doors to Hale Hall remain locked at all times. This means even during meetings and Sunday services. Please do not let anyone into Hale Hall that you do not personally know is safe at any time. During services, all members, friends and congregants should come in the sanctuary door. Thank you for your cooperation.
— Tim S., Moderator

Staples Rewards Restoration with $$$

Don’t forget to give the church’s telephone number (215-247-2561) when you make any personal purchase at a Staples store, by telephone or online. By doing so a credit will be posted to Restoration’s Staples account for a percentage of the sale. These credits, known as Staples Business Rewards, really add up. We use them to offset the cost of our office supplies.

In addition, Restoration’s Staples account will receive a Reward of $2.00 if you give the church’s telephone number (215-247-2561) when you turn in your used printer cartridges (any kind or type) at Staples. You can also leave your old cartridges in the Duo Room where they will be picked up and turned in to Staples.
— Dot F.

Purchasing Online? Shop Using iGive.com

Calling all online shoppers! Give to PIHN through iGive.com! You can make financial donations to PIHN without spending an extra penny. Do your holiday online shopping through iGive.com. It's as easy as 1-2-3...

  1. Visit this link: http://www.igive.com/Qx51lcq. It will take you to the iGive homepage with Philadelphia Interfaith Hospitality Network selected as your cause. Here, you can register to be a PIHN supporter (it's easy and free).
  2. After you sign up, you'll get an email telling you to install the iGive button with instructions on how to do so. You can download this onto any computer or phone you use to shop online. The button will show up on the top of your internet browser window.
  3. Press the iGive button, and browse 1,300+ stores that participate and select one. You'll see what percentage of your purchase will go to PIHN. Your purchase/donation will automatically be registered with iGive. You'll receive an email confirmation after you visit your first store, just to make sure the donation tracking system is working.
Go for it. And thanks!

A Super Easy Way for You to Help Restoration

What if Restoration earned a penny every time you searched the Internet? Or how about if a percentage of every purchase you made online went to support our cause? Well, now it can!

GoodSearch.com is a search engine that donates half its advertising revenue, about a penny per search, to the charities its users designate. Use it just as you would any search engine, get quality search results from Yahoo, and watch the donations add up!

GoodShop.com is an online shopping mall which donates up to 37 percent of each purchase to your favorite cause - Restoration! Hundreds of great stores including Amazon, Target, Gap, Best Buy, ebay, Macy's and Barnes & Noble have teamed up with GoodShop and every time you place an order, you'll be supporting Restoration.

GoodSearch: You Search...We Give! Use the button link here on our church website. Or just go to http://www.goodsearch.com and be sure to enter the "Unitarian Universalist Church of the Restoration" as the charity you want to support.

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